Making the most of your WA Training Awards experience

The WA Training Awards program provides applicants with an exceptional professional development experience. Our winners come out of the program with a variety of skills and knowledge they can use in their careers, further study opportunities and within their organisations.

Application writing and interview skills

Learning how to write a competitive application and following it up with a positive interview is a great professional skill for young people to develop. For many WA Training Awards applicants, this may be their first application or interview. Throughout the process, the WA Training Awards team provides information and guidance on application writing and interview skills to help prepare applicants for the process and better inform them for future opportunities.

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Public speaking

The Awards offers individuals an opportunity to share their story at a State and national level. Public speaking is a large part of that. From presenting to their judging panel and accepting their Award at the Presentation Dinner, individuals can develop their public speaking skills for future events and presentations.

Increasing your industry knowledge

The WA Training Awards connect applicants with the training councils and opens up networking opportunities for people to increase their industry knowledge, gain a better understanding of current trends and issues and understand where their industry fits within the larger WA and Australian workforce context.

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Opportunity to look holistically at your organisation

Many WA Training Awards organisation applicants comment that simply going through the process has allowed them an opportunity to recognise what their organisation is doing well and where they can make improvements to better serve their industry, students and employees.

Celebrating your achievements

For individuals and organisations, it’s important to sit back and recognise what you have achieved, what you’ve done well and celebrate that. The WA Training Awards program encourages applicants to put their achievements in the spotlight and celebrate them.

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Networking opportunity

The WA Training Awards opens up a networking opportunity for individuals and organisations to make connections with like-minded people and build relationships with potential clients or collaborators.

Constructive feedback

Feedback is offered after both assessment stages. Our feedback process includes what was positive and what could be improved upon. We encourage all applicants to get feedback on their application and performance in order to help them in their future endeavours.

Every experience is what you make of it. We congratulate all of our applicants on taking the first step and submitting an application this year. Regardless of which stage in the competition you progress to, there are great opportunities to learn along the way.

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