Submitting your WA Training Awards application

Applications for the WA Training Awards close in just over one week’s time. If you want to be in the competition to be recognised as the best in the State at what you do, now is the time to finalise your application and press the submit button!

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Review your responses

Once you feel you’ve finished your selection criteria responses, do a final read through. Even have someone else read through them if you can to point out any spelling or grammatical errors or anything that needs further clarity. Ensure you’ve included real working examples for each criterion to demonstrate how you meet the criteria and convince the judging panel you’re the next training ambassador. Check your word count and use the word limit as a guide to ensure you’ve given enough information for each criterion.

Check all details are correct

Do a final check of the Applicant details and Training details pages to ensure you’ve entered all the correct information with regard to your training course, provider, referee and employer if applicable as well as your contact details.

Upload your attachments

The required and suggested attachments are essential to your application. Double check what’s required of you in your category application guide then head to our website to download any attachment templates you need. It’s a good idea to prepare, scan in and upload attachments in advance to ensure you don’t forget these when it comes to submitting your application.

Press submit!

Once you’ve done all of those checks and ensured everything is correct and complete, that’s it! Press the submit button to be in the running for this year’s WA Training Awards!

The WA Training Awards judges can’t wait to read your application and see what great work is being done in the training sector this year.

If you have any final questions, contact the WA Training Awards team on 6551 5609 or email


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