Where can I get support for my WA Training Awards application?


Writing an Awards application can be a complex process. Our judging panels want to know quite a lot about you, your training, how you work in teams and on the job, your understanding of the VET sector and your industry and what other activities you do outside of your work and studies. Your response to the selection criteria does need to be written by yourself, after all, it’s your story and no one knows it better than you do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. Here are five support avenues to assist you with your application.

Lecturer, trainer or employer

Your lecturer, trainer or employer can offer a wealth of knowledge about your industry. It’s their business to know about current industry trends, rules and regulations, new technologies and strategies to keep up with industry shifts and changes.

They will also have a good understanding of your work ethic, skills and knowledge and may be able to assist in coming up with some real work examples to use in answering your selection criteria.

VET Coordinator

If you’re still at school, talking to your VET Coordinator is a great place to start in helping you to understand the criteria and brainstorm your unique qualities to answer the selection criteria. Your VET Coordinator will have a good understanding of the VET sector, the benefits of school-based vocational education and training and a good knowledge of your achievements and progress to date.

1602 DTWD7 101

Training council

There are 10 training councils in WA covering all industries. The training councils provide strategic advice to the Department of Training on industry skills needs. The training councils have broad networks of employers, training providers and industry bodies and work with these networks to develop strategies to assist them through training recommendations.

Your industry’s training council can provide you with information and advice on industry training needs, any current issues to be aware of in your industry, where skills shortages lie and much more.


If you’re applying for one of the following categories, the WA Training Awards can provide specialist mentors to assist you with your application:

  • WA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year
  • WA Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Training Provider of the Year
  • WA International Student of the Year

Award winning application examples

On the WA Training Awards website, you can find examples of Award winning applications for the student categories. Use these to help give you an idea of what to include in your application. They may well spark some ideas for you about examples from your training and work that you can use in your responses or point you in the direction of information you may need to research about your industry.

Of course, if you have any questions about the criteria, you can also contact the friendly WA Training Awards team to talk you through it.

Our judges want to see the best possible applications, so give yourself enough time, do a little research and ask for assistance where you need it. A well-structured and researched application will make all the difference when it comes to shortlisting.


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