The do’s and don’ts of writing a WA Training Awards application

If you’re thinking about applying for the WA Training Awards 2016, here are a few simple do’s and don’ts to make sure you’re on the track to success.


1. Eligibility criteria

Do: Read the eligibility criteria for your category carefully and ensure you meet it before starting your application.

Don’t: Get halfway through your application before realising you don’t meet one of the key points in the eligibility criteria.

2. Selection criteria

Do: Read each criterion thoroughly and ensure you can answer them. Make a note of the key words, and use them in your response. When addressing a criterion that requires you to show your knowledge, respond by writing about how and where you gained that knowledge.

Don’t: Skim the selection criteria before writing your responses and just write what you think in the moment.


3. Examples

Do: Give specific examples of when you have used that skill/ability in your work/study (individuals) or examples that demonstrate the way your organisation/training practices meet the criteria (organisations).

Don’t: Make vague statements about your skills, abilities and training practices.

4. Using the considerations

Do: Use as many of the considerations for each criterion as possible in your response, to show you are the best candidate for the award.

Don’t: Ignore points of the selection criteria you can’t address. (If you are having trouble with the selection criteria, seek help from your trainer, employer, VET coordinator or industry training council.)


5. Word count

Do: Use the word count for each criterion wisely. Students can write up to 400 words, trainers 600 words and organisations 800 words per criterion. The more information you provide, the more competitive your application will be against the other applicants.

Don’t: Write only a couple of sentences addressing criterion 4 because you can’t think of much to write.

6. Time management

Do: Give yourself plenty of time to write your responses to the selection criteria. You have until Friday 13 May, so create an account in the online application system early, then log in any time to add ideas and continue working on your responses. Make sure you have used strong examples and evidence, allow time to review and edit, then check there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

Don’t: Write your responses to the selection criteria the night before it’s due and submit it on the dot at 5pm on Friday 13 May.


7. Writing you application

Do: Write your application yourself, in your own words, perhaps with help from your trainer, employer, training council or mentor.

Don’t: Outsource the writing of your application to someone else. No one can tell your story like you can, or knows the ins and outs of your organisation the way you do.

Applications close on Friday 13 May 2016 – get your application in today to be in the running for this year’s competition.


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