Tips for organisation finalist site visits

Congratulations to all of this year’s WA Training Awards 2015 organisation category finalist.

In the coming weeks your judging panel will be coming out to your premises to do a site visit and interview to determine a winner in your category. Here are a few tips on how to prepare to ensure it’s your organisation’s name that ends up in the spotlight come             4 September.

Your site visit will run for a minimum of 2 hours. Your judging panel will have a list of questions that they’ll want to ask you at the site visit. The same questions will be asked of all finalists in your category. These will be based on the selection criteria so there shouldn’t be any surprises.

A suggested format for your site visit might be as follows:

  1. Introduce your panel to your organisation.
  2. Do a tour of the facilities, highlighting key things on the way.
  3. Question time, where the panel will ask you a few questions relating to the selection criteria.

Highlight your point of difference

Your interview panel has another two site visits to do with the other finalists in your category, so consider what makes you stand out as an organisation. Show them what makes your organisation better than the rest, what makes you the example of best practice in WA, worthy of winning the award.

WA Employer of the Year 2014 Main Roads staff in training.

“Find your point of difference – what makes your organisation different to everyone else?”         Main Roads, WA Employer of the Year 2014

Involve your trainers and students

The best thing about the site visit process is that it’s on your terms – you have the opportunity to really showcase and demonstrate the great training you’re doing and how it works in your organisation, so involve your trainers and students and give the panel a real feel for your organisation.

Marr Mooditj nursing students

“The site visit was important for us because it gave us an opportunity to show our educators at work and how all our staff work together to provide a holistic training experience, using a comprehensive and accessible training and assessment system.” Marr Mooditj Training Inc, WA Small Training Provider of the Year 2014

Make it interesting

Just like any personal interview, you want your organisation to shine at your site visit, so make it interesting. Show the panel what’s great about your organisation, get creative, think outside the box and give them something they won’t get at the other two finalist’s site visits. This will ensure you’re site visit is a memorable and exciting experience for your judging panel.

“The panel visits are great because you can get really creative with them and structure them exactly how you want to.” Central Institute of Technology, WA International Training Provider of the Year 2014

“The panel visits are great because you can get really creative with them and structure them exactly how you want to.”                                                                                                                        Central Institute of Technology, WA International Training Provider of the Year 2014

Be prepared

All staff involved in your site visit should be familiar with the application you’ve submitted and the selection criteria for your category so you’re all on the same page and have a good idea of the kind of questions you may be asked.

Your site visit is an opportunity to practically demonstrate the claims in your application and bring to life what the judging panel have only been able to read on paper.

If you have any questions about your site visit, contact your panel’s executive officer or contact the Awards team by telephone on 6551 5308 or email at to help you with any enquiries.

For a full list of 2015 organisation finalist, visit our latest news page on the website.


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