What to expect at the Semi-finalist Judging Day

Congratulations to this year’s individual semi-finalists! You should all be very proud of yourself for making it through to this stage of the WA Training Awards competition.

You will have received an interview preparation pack via mail and email with important information about the Semi-finalist Judging Day, when you’ll be interviewed by your judging panel.

So what can you expect from the Semi-finalist Judging Day?

There are three things that you’ll do at the Semi-finalist Judging Day:

  1. You’ll have your 35 minute interview with your category’s judging panel – that’s the main thing!
  2. You’ll have a professional photo taken.
  3. You’ll do a short film shoot.


judging panel cartoon

On your interview day, you have a head start. 15 minutes before your interview you’ll be handed your interview questions and given some quiet time to read over them and prepare responses. You’ve also got a list of sample questions in your interview preparation pack, so if you plan some responses to those questions, you’ll have a good idea of what’s coming on the day and how you might respond. Your interview questions are also based on the selection criteria you’ve already answered in your application. So for students, you can expect to be asked about your:

  • career and study achievements;
  • communication, team and leadership skills;
  • ability to represent the training system at a broader level; and
  • other pursuits outside of your training.

For trainer semi-finalists, you can expect to be asked about your:

  • excellence and innovation in your training practices;
  • student focus and outcomes;
  • professionalism and commitment to VET teaching and learning; and
  • links with industry and/or the community to improve training for your students.

So walking into your interview you’ll know exactly what you’re going to be asked; no surprises.

Professional photo

Last year's photo shoots

Last year’s professional photos.

This is the easiest part of the day. It will only take a couple of minutes, we’ll have a professional photographer on site to take your photo, seated against a backdrop. This photo will be used for promotional purposes should you be selected as a finalist in your category. All you have to do is sit and smile.

Film shoot

Film shoot at last year's Semi-finalist judging day

Film shoot at last year’s Semi-finalist judging day

Our video team will be set up in a quiet room ready to have a quick chat with you about your training journey. You don’t have to prepare anything in advance for the video. The interviewer will ask you a couple of questions about what training you’ve done, why you decided to do it and what it’s meant to you. There’s no need to be nervous, you won’t be doing your video infront of anyone but the video team and you are certainly not being judged on it. The video will be used at the presentation dinner if you are selected as a finalist in your category and in further Awards promotion if you are selected as a winner.

If you have any questions about the Semi-finalist Judging Day, don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone on 6551 5608 or email at trainingawards@dtwd.wa.gov.au.


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