What happens next for organisation applicants?

Congratulations to all our organisation applicants! Putting together an application for an Awards program as prestigious as the WA Training Awards does require a significant body of work and we’d just like to acknowledge all the hard work you’ve put in to get to this point.

For many of our winners and finalists, writing the application is one of the most rewarding parts of the process.

“When we were putting this application together we had to look really closely at what we did and how we do it. It was a great opportunity to show how our long term strategic planning has produced high quality outcomes for Aboriginal people though partnerships that have allowed us to focus on our most important clients; the students and the community.” Marr Mooditj, WA Small Training Provider of the Year 2014.

Marr Mooditj 1_compressed

So what happens next?


Shortlisting is now underway for all categories. Applications will be assessed against the selection criteria for each category and panels will select up to three finalists for each Award.

When will we be notified if our organisation has been shortlisted?

By Monday 29 June, all organisation applicants will be notified in writing (letter and email) and by phone as to whether they have been selected as a finalist in their category.

What happens next if our organisation is selected as a finalist?

If you’re selected as a finalist, your judging panel’s executive officer will contact you to organise a site visit at your organisation between 13 and 31 July. You will be given a suggested outline for your site visit. You may wish to give your panel a tour of the facilities, give a presentation and then there will be question time from your panel.

WA Employer of the Year 2014 Main Roads staff in training.

WA Employer of the Year 2014 Main Roads staff in training.

What if our organisation is regionally located?

The Department will fund travel and accommodation where required for two panel members to conduct a site visit at your organisation.

For more information on the WA Training Awards process visit our website or contact the WA Training Awards team by email at trainingawards@dtwd.wa.gov.au to help you with any enquiries.


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