Putting on the finishing touches

hand with a paint brush

Applications for the WA Training Awards 2015 close this Friday 8 May at 5.00pm!

If you’re currently working on an application, use the next few days to put on the finishing touches to ensure your application shines bright for the judges.

Finalising your selection criteria

Ensure you’ve responded to all selection criteria for your category in the online application portal. If a criterion has a), b) and c) within it – you need to address a), b) and c) in your response. Your application will be marked against each of these points, so double check your responses to the selection criteria and ensure you’ve covered each point sufficiently.

Have you got your reference/endorsement letter?

If you haven’t got your reference or endorsement letter yet, now is the time to contact the appropriate person to provide it. You want to ensure you give them time to write the reference or sign the endorsement letter so send it to them as soon as possible so you can submit your application on Friday. You can find templates for these in the Tools for applicants section on our website.

Scan in and upload your attachments

Don’t forget about your attachments – check your category guide for details on the attachments required. You can also find a list of required attachments in Section 3 of the online application portal for both individuals and organisations. So if you need to scan in training certificates or awards, don’t leave it until Friday. Getting it done now will mean much less stress come submission day.

Do a final page count check

Copy and paste your application into a word document at 12pt Arial font and check the length of your application. Application lengths should be no longer than the following.

  • Student applicant’s responses to the selection criteria must be a maximum of five pages.
  • Trainer applications must be a maximum of 15 pages including attachments.
  • Organisation applicant’s responses to the selection criteria must not exceed 20 pages.

Get your application in today!

Once you’ve done all of that and filled in the appropriate sections in the online application portal – press the submit button! We can’t wait to receive your application, so get it in today!

Use the checklists available in the Tools for applicants section on our website to make sure you’ve included everything required of you and if you have any final questions, contact us on 6551 5609 or email trainingawards@dtwd.wa.gov.au.


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