Building your industry and VET sector knowledge

Part of the selection criteria for individual applicants refers to your knowledge of industry trends and the vocational education and training system and how you can be an effective ambassador for both.

It’s important to do your research to better understand what’s happening in your industry and the broader VET sector in addressing these criteria.

So how can you build your knowledge in these areas?

Talk to your lecturers/employer

This is a great place to start. Most VET lecturers started out in industry before becoming a lecturer and may have many years of experience in the workplace, giving them the added perspective of training people for industry.

They will have first-hand knowledge of current trends as it is part of their job to keep abreast of changes in technology, rules and regulations. This helps them to make sure their students are industry-ready.

Your employer may also be able to give you information on what is happening in your industry from a first-hand perspective, and be able to tell you what they do to keep up with progress or cope with change to ensure the success of their business.

It never hurts to ask questions and not only does it show interest in your industry, but your willingness to learn more. Remember, your lecturer or employer probably started out just like you and would be happy to share their experiences.

chefs in training

Your industry training council

Training councils provide information and advice on industry workforce development and training needs, and make recommendations to support those needs.

There are 10 training councils in WA, covering every industry imaginable, and they each have a wide network of employers, employees, training providers and industry organisations that they interact with.

Each of the training councils produces an Industry workforce development plan which profiles current industry analysis and trends.

Most importantly, the training councils will be shortlisting your application (school based apprentice, trainee, vocational student and apprentice categories only) so it pays to make contact and get their advice on industry trends and knowledge.

hairdresser in training

Skilling WA

Skilling WA – A workforce development plan for Western Australia is a comprehensive State Government plan which aims to build, attract and retain a responsive, flexible and diverse workforce for Western Australia.

Updated with a second edition in 2014, this document outlines the strategic direction of workforce planning and development in WA and is available from the Department website.

The plan contains useful statistics and outlines the State Government’s key areas of focus based around five strategic goals. Each of these have priority actions, which support the State Government’s overall aim of building the economic and community development needs of Western Australia.

Department of Training and Workforce Development website

The Department website contains more useful information than you can poke a stick at! There are latest news items and links to publications produced by the Department, such as the State Priority Occupation List and Regional workforce development plans. Visit the Workforce planning and development section for comprehensive information on workforce trends and the State’s workforce needs. There are also reviews, studies and reports to read and links to the Department’s many sub-sites, including ApprentiCentre and Career Centre. It’s a mine of information!

Mechanic and trainer

Your knowledge of your industry and the VET sector, could be the difference between being shortlisted and not being shortlisted for your category, so it’s important to do your research. To apply for a WA Training Award today, visit our website for everything you need.


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