Why you should put your organisation in the spotlight

There are many benefits that come from being a part of the WA Training Awards – opportunities can present themselves from the moment you make the decision to apply.

Whether you support staff development through training opportunities, develop innovative training initiatives or operate at the coalface by offering training programs for students, your contribution to the training sector can be recognised and rewarded.

Opportunity to reflect on successes

Previous entrants have learned that the application process itself offers the unique chance for them to reflect on their achievements in the past year while also looking closely at the services and programs they provide.

For Fairbridge Western Australia, WA Training Initiative 2014 winner, simply completing the application was valuable.

“It really makes you think about what you are doing and gives you a really good opportunity to review your product.” Brett Hawthorne, Fairbirdge Western Australia

Fairbridge WA Inc at the WA Training Awards 2014

Fairbridge WA Inc at the WA Training Awards 2014

Endorsement of programs and your position in the market

There are also many advantages that come with being recognised as a finalist or winner. It is an endorsement of the programs your organisation has developed and is something that will set you apart from your competitors.

For example, being named the WA International Training Provider of the Year 2014 has given Central Institute of Technology a competitive edge.

“Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students, so the market to attract those students is very competitive. Students look for prestige in a training provider so having the training award logo attached to your marketing material is a huge advantage.” Neil Fernandes, Central Institute of Technology


Central Institute of Technology went on to be named Australian International Training Provider 2014 at the Australian Training Awards.

For NECA College of Electrical Training, their win reaffirmed their belief that the professionalism, dedication and commitment of their staff was second to none.

“Winning the WA Large Training Provider of the Year 2014 has solidified our position and strengthening stakeholder relationships.” Carl Copeland, NECA College of Electrical Training


NECA College of Electrical Training was named WA Small Training Provider of the Year 2010 – four years later they were awarded WA Large Training Provider of the Year 2014.

New partnerships and possibilities

As an ambassador for your industry sector, winning an Award can lead to new possibilities and partnerships through networking opportunities. And this networking can start with the presentation dinner.

For Marr Mooditj Training Inc, WA Small Training Provider of the Year 2014 the event was a great chance to meet with old friends and make new ones, while also allowing them to see first-hand the level of commitment from businesses to training their staff.

“Seeing the way that partnerships have developed over the years (between organisations) opened our eyes to new opportunities.” Margaret Quartermaine, Marr Moodtij Training Inc

Marr Mooditj 1_compressed

Marr Mooditj Training Inc receiving their award at the WA Training Awards 2014.

$8000 cash/prize

Then there’s the prize money awarded to category winners, which has allowed organisations to provide new opportunities or to expand on their existing services.

Central Institute’s prize money has boosted a new scholarship program it created for international students, while Fairbridge Western Australia invested its prize money into their Youth Initiatives Fund to support programs for youth at risk.

Apply today!

There are six WA Training Awards categories for organisations. Download an application guide for your chosen category and start your application today to put yourself in the spotlight and reap the rewards.


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