What are the judges looking for?

Here’s a question we get asked a lot and it’s a good question to ask.

Selecting a winner from a group of the State’s best is never an easy task. So what do the judges look for?

judging panel cartoon

Judges are looking for an individual or an organisation who stands out in their field and will be a great ambassador for training in Western Australia. They look for someone who will be competitive nationally if this person/organisation is eligible to represent Western Australia at the Australian Training Awards.

When preparing your responses to the selection criteria, ensure that you clearly address each selection criteria and all of the required sub-criteria as the judges will be scoring your application against them.

 “Take the time to address the selection criteria properly. It can be very difficult for panel judges to rate an application that hasn’t provided sufficient responses for each of the selection criteria.”

Kathy Hoare, previous judge

Individual applicants

  • Dedication – Being dedicated to your study, motivated to succeed and demonstrating a good work and study ethic.
  • Impact – Judges want to know about the impact your training has had on you professionally and personally. Show them how it has provided new career opportunities, helped overcome difficult life circumstances or provided inspiration to others.
  • Communication – Good communication skills and presentation skills are paramount. The judges will be looking for someone who is well prepared, dressed appropriately and able to listen and respond confidently.
  • Goals – Clear goals and sense of purpose with realistic ambitions and career planning.
  • Authenticity – Show that you are a sincere and genuine person who values your training.
  • Passion – Demonstrate that you are passionate about your industry and training.

“Write your application in first person, keep it professional and review and edit your application to eliminate mistakes or have another person do this for you.”

Yvette Drager, previous judge

Organisation applicants

  • Uniqueness – What is it about your organisation/initiative that makes it unique? Show the judges qualitative data and other evidence that sets your organisation/program apart from others.
  • Client focus – Demonstrate your organisation’s understanding of its clients and their needs.
  • Continuous improvement – Detailed processes for continuous improvement demonstrate an organisation’s passion and dedication to excellence in delivery.
  • Impact – Show the judges the impact your organisation/program has had on the lives of your clients and what broader application there may be locally or nationally for this idea/way of working.

“Make sure you include specific examples of when you have done something during your training/employment or how you’ve demonstrated a skill. For example if the criterion refers to say, your level of self-reliance and resilience in times of challenge, don’t just state that you work well in times of challenge, we want you to recount a time of challenge in your training/workplace, how you dealt with that/those particular challenges and the result.”

Tanya Servaas, previous judge

While preparing your application for the WA Training Awards or thinking about your interview/site visit, it’s a good idea to keep these things in mind. To submit your application for this year’s Awards, visit our website for instructions on how to enter and tools to help you along the way.


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